Season 16 of STYLEWEEK Northeast will be taking place on January 31- February 2, 2019 at the RI Convention Center. Designers will be showcasing their Autumn/Winter collections. Bridal will be on February 3, 2019.

Designers who participate in STYLEWEEK Northeast will receive a top-notch, professional experience. We at SWNE understand that the designers who show at our fashion week, are our clients and they are treated as so. Participating designers will receive: photography from their show; styling team; dressing team; sound; video and marketing and public relations from the SWNE organization. If you are interested in adopting one of our designers email




After growing up developing his Art in every way possible, this self taught designer from Puerto Rico, decided to focus all his creativity into Fashion and designing beautiful collections. Boanerge moved to Providence RI a year ago to pursue a dream, and will be showing his premiere collection at STYLEWEEK NORTHEAST SEASON 16. Bo also is a working make-up artist in the Rhode Island area.


clothes•horse (ˈkloʊzˌhɔrs, ˈkloʊðz-) n. 1. a person whose chief interest and pleasure is dressing fashionably.

With a concentration on ethical and environmentally conscious construction, Clothes Horse Clothing produces every item by hand to order in our Rhode Island studio. Using vegan suede, pleather and silk in this A/W collection, Clothes Horse aims to change the perception of these materials by creating super luxe pieces using these cruelty free, man made materials. Clothes Horse is for the girl on the go. Our muse has a day job and a day dream. She’s quirky, adventurous, intelligent, independent, creative and driven. She has a natural sense for style and impeccable taste.



Meghan Doyle’s aspirations of becoming a clothing designer and entrepreneur began when she was a freshman in high school. She grew up in Winchester, MA, a suburb of Boston. As a teenager, Meghan was constantly sketching designs, deconstructing and reconstructing garments, and took sewing lessons. Meghan graduated from Roger Williams University in 2009, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and Minor in Psychology. She then continued her studies at The School of Fashion Design in Boston and graduated in 2013. Upon graduation from The School of Fashion Design, Meghan worked as a Technical Designer at Appleseed’s, a women’s apparel brand. In the fall of 2013 she participated in Boston Fashion Week, launching her first capsule collection. Meghan launched her second capsule collection in January 2014 at StyleWeek Northeast. She then worked in Product Development as both a Technical Designer and Designer at the TJX Companies. Committed to furthering her design education, Meghan enrolled in the Continuing Education program at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, focusing on Digital Fashion Design courses. After years of education and industry experience Meghan felt prepared to pursue her dream and goal of being a creative entrepreneur. Finally, in the summer of 2016 she committed full time to launching her women’s clothing brand, Tallulah & Poppy


International designer Melina Cortes-Nmili’s road to fashion has been anything but conventional. Part entrepreneur and part designer, Melina has never taken the standard path. Frustrated with the frantic, flash-in-a-pan pursuit of the latest fads, Melina had a vision for a new take on a timeless concept – “beauty that transcends the trend.” Said in a simpler way, she believes in a luxurious, classic, yet contemporary design that always looks beautiful, and never goes out of style.

Born and bred in the vibrant Dominican Republic countryside, Melina embraces the diversity of colors, textures and patterns of her childhood. From her design studio in Boston, lalla bee’s structured silhouettes, colorful palettes, and painstaking attention to detail reflect the values and struggles of her past. Rather than following the latest trends in fashion, Melina’s designs are intentionally timeless. Melina’s designs are ethically made from quality fabrics sourced directly from the finest factories across the U.S. and Europe.

Like the self-made women who raised Melina, lalla bee’s dresses tell a story of strength, effortless beauty, and unwavering confidence. “The kind of woman I envision wearing one of my dresses is a woman who is confident in her own skin. When she walks into the room, she owns it. She feels smart, beautiful, and her strength shines,” says Melina. “I firmly believe that she can and should be simple, fearless and beautiful. “Melina lives in Boston with her husband. The couple has a son and a daughter.


Hand touched detailing and craftsmanship define our brand. Same Side Of Nowhere is a small atelier growing and working in the woods of Massachusetts. Designer Caitlin Geary, specializes in taking the complexities that the natural environment provides and working them into special details of a garment, be they textures or a hidden stitch detail that only the wearer would know about. Same Side Of Nowhere caters to the women who appreciate the poetry of nature and the precision of tailoring. Visit our website to learn more.


A lover of fashion, Delayne Dixon received a degree in fashion design from The Art Institute of Vancouver in 2012. She created DIXON after graduating. Her brand is inspired by empowered women who aren’t afraid to step out of societal standards. DIXON contains pieces that are romantic and always with a cutting-edge, alternative twist. She releases collections each season and has had work in a number of international retailers. She loves designing custom looks for musicians and has had the pleasure of styling artists such as Serena Ryder and Marilyn Manson. Dixon has a love for travel and will continue to showcase DIXON internationally, after taking part in New York Fashion Week she is excited to take part in International Fashion Week in Amsterdam.


Amy Page DeBlasio, proud Providence, Rhode Island native, views the world through an artistic lens. Since she was a child, Amy’s life has revolved around art in one form or another, from drawing to painting and sculpture. She has been an artist since her earliest memories. Before studying design, Amy taught herself how to make jewelry, often pairing conventional materials with unexpected components, and while in high school even designed and sewed her own prom dress to fit her fashion standards and express her own unique style because she did not want an “off the rack” look. Amy went on to graduate from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Textiles, Fashion Merchandising, and Design. While obtaining her degree, Amy was a top award winner in the University’s 2016 spring fashion show. She also received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Italian Language and Literature at the University of Rhode Island.

After years of experimenting and manipulating fabrics and designing and constructing her own pieces, along with creating her own jewelry, Amy knew it was time to take this creativity to the next level. Amy now designs clothing and accessories and uses her unique style to reach and impact others in a meaningful way. Her bold and exotic designs, created by pairing different patterns, fabrics, colors, and textures, intend to provoke thought and excitement. She pushes conventional norms – engaging the wearer to dare and imagine. An exuberant personality and edgy artistic perspective inspire her designs and express a distinct, flirty urban attitude.


Amy Lane graduated with departmental honors from Massachusetts College of Art and Design earning herself a BFA Degree in Fashion Design. Lane is currently tending to the growth of AMLN in hopes that it will gain traction and become a full time job indefinitely. Her brand [AMLN] caters to the free spirited with one of a kind handmade sustainable garments and vintage accessories. Lane works hard to create clothing sustainably repurposing fabrics and reworking garments. Using materials already in existence to create modern and trendy boho clothing is our number one initiative. We offer a variety of services here at AMLN catering to our clients every need including Custom [client-based] commissions and made-to-order styles sold through


Designer Elaine, originally from New York, is now a Rhode Island based designer and has over 10 years experience in the Fashion Industry.  Her love for fashion started at a very young age when she acquired a needle and thread.  She has worked in every aspect of the Fashion world including: Owning two boutiques, Fashion Designer, Fashion Instructor, and Runway Presentation Collaborator.  She earned her Masters in Fashion from the Academy of Art University in California.  Her brand, Elaine Grullon Designs presented its first collection in 2013 in Tampa, Florida at Christian Fashion Week.  The brand’s second collection was revealed in New Jersey in 2015 where fashion was created for all women of all shapes and sizes.  Elaine’s take on fashion is practical, approachable, comfortable, stylish and fun.  She loves to mix and match items in which the client is able to play with fashion in creating a closet full of looks with the right pieces.


Cotey Bertone was born and raised in the creative capital: Providence, RI. It wasn’t until 2014 when he moved to Boston to attend college and work towards his degree in business in fashion merchandising with a concentration in design. Currently in his senior year at Bay State College, Bertone had developed a minimal and clean cut aesthetic and is known best for his pleating techniques and utilitarian designs. For this collection Bertone pulls inspiration from his Native American roots, architecture and uses the “queer struggle” as a story line. After working closely with mentor and Boston’s Best awarded handbag designer, Gina deWolfe he has adopted leather crafting techniques and introduces handmade leather accessories in this collection as well. Bertone designs for a woman with an uptown mentality yet has downtown style.


Sleek yet, bold. Mikayla Frick expresses the stories of her life through the design and unique silhouettes of her pieces. Each garment is a direct representation of fashioning the good from within the bad.



Christopher Sean was born and raised in Southern Massachusetts where he first began his education in electronic engineering. There, he felt the pressured to fit in and be like everyone else but it was difficult for him because of his sexual identity. Most kids at school would pick on him for being gay but Christopher would always laugh it off. After high school, Christopher completely changed his education to follow his passion and went to study Textile Design at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth because it was closely related to fashion.

During his college education, Christopher studied at Central Saint Martins in London. There, he grew to appreciate London’s culture and society particularly pertaining to the openness and acceptance of their citizens in terms of identity. That’s when he came to acknowledge the fact that he wanted to improve the acceptance of the LGBTQ community and help them to become comfortable in their own skin.

Focusing on gender fluidity and breaking the taboo of dress in menswear, Christopher Sean creates garments that allow people to embrace and express their sexuality. Worn by women the garments give her a masculine edge, but worn by men the garments give him a soft femininity. His brand embraces and fights for the beauty of fluidity.


Zoe Ilana Grinfeld is a Junior at the Rhode Island School of Design studying Apparel Design. From a young age, Zoe was drawn to fashion. Stuck with no sewing machine, she turned to hot glue and a needle and thread to construct wearable garments out of whatever she could find; fabric or objects. Zoe began planning the first of several charity fashion shows at the age of 11, showcasing garments made from unconventional materials like gum wrappers, doll heads, and red plastic cups.

Zoe spent high school studying costume design and theater production at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts. At 15, Zoe competed on and won Lifetime’s teen design competition, Project Runway: Threads. Since then, Zoe has shown several collections in New York City, Hartford, and Providence.  Her designs have been featured in publications such as Seventeen Magazine and Hartford Magazine.

Zoe aims to fight back against the monotony of ready to wear, pushing the boundaries of what we see as “wearable”. Zoe strives to contribute loud and lively clothing into everyone’s day-to-day wardrobe. Zoe provides youthful and vibrant clothes to people from all backgrounds that share a love for play.


Maya Luz Molina-Araujo studied at Massachusetts College of Art & Design, graduating with distinction in 2009. Soon after Maya competed in the Emmy award winning design challenge series, Project Runway on Lifetime Television. Nearly making it to the finals, she made the bold decision to leave the show to hone her skills as a designer away from the camera’s watchful eye.

Her experience includes numerous private commissions, as well as working with fashion houses in NYC & abroad, including, Hannah Marshall, Proenza Schouler, Coach, Members Only, Ohne Titel, and Calvin Klein Collection. She has been recognized by such organizations as PVH, Scholastic Publishing, Gen Art, Core 77, and was nominated as an Outstanding Alumnui by Massachusetts College of Art & Design in 2012.

Maya lives and works in New York City.