A Fashion Week For Everyone


Founded in 2009, by Rosanna M. Ortiz, STYLEWEEK was created with the vision of offering opportunity that was accessible to designers from all over the U.S. to showcase their fashion collections in a professional format.

At the time there were many fashion events happening all over New England that were not focused on the designers and production value. Rosanna felt that having the designers be the absolute focal point of STYLEWEEK would be at the apex of the SWNE mission. Partnering with SWNE means they would receive A+ treatment, communication, press, public relations, high quality video and photography content and full-service staff. Rosanna wanted each designer to feel as if they were a client, but most of all, family.

STYLEWEEK, Season 1 was June 6-11, 2010 and included three locations in downtown Providence. The first season was a surprising success and received over 2 million online impressions (earned media) and showcased over 11 designers from NYC, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It was clear that this event was needed in this area and very much welcomed.

STYLEWEEK was created not only for the growth of the designers as artists, but also to be recognized as a trade event that can provide an economic spark in Rhode Island. With many businesses feeling the effect of SWNE, such as restaurants, lounges, transportation companies, production companies and more, SWNE has provided a ripple effect for the Rhode Island economy and continues to do so during their two events each year.

In 2011, Rosanna wanted to provide student designers with the production level of SWNE and created SEED: Student Design Challenge that gave students from all levels the opportunity to showcase one-piece created of sustainable and recycled material to be judged by a panel of 7-9 judges for a small scholarship. This continues today and as is the opener of every SWNE season. To date, SWNE has showcased over 75 students on their runway in this challenge.

It is the STYLEWEEK mission that this fashion week is a fashion week where ALL feel welcome. Fashion and style are what you make of it!

STYLEWEEK was created to maintain an inclusive feel for not only our guests, but our designers, sponsors and all living in our great state of Rhode Island.

STYLEWEEK is for everyone and will continue to be a production that not only spotlights designers from all over the world but also put spotlight on the Northeast as a premiere fashion destination.