Tatyana Ayriyan

Providence, RI

Tatyana Ayriyan was born and raised in the Soviet Union. Since her youth she always had an interest in designing, creating, and sewing her own clothes. Her parents frequently traveled to Africa on business trips and returned with fabrics in which she would use to build her designs. In the beginning, all her creations of dresses and blouses were for herself. Friends and relatives were impressed by her designs and quality of her work.

She attended the Textile and Light Industry Institute in Tashkent, Uzbekistan ,studying fashion design and sewing. Upon graduation Tatyana began making custom hand made clothing for clients. This then advanced to her creating her own line of clothing which was sold, at a high demand, through a wholesaler at area boutiques.

Tatyana then met and married her husband and moved to Rhode Island, USA. Together, they had three children. All of her energy was used on raising the children and her fashion design career was put on hold. She did however always think she would go back to it.

For twelve years, she worked at Nordstrom’s in fashion and finally decided to follow her dream of creating her own line of clothing again.

She started T Ayriyan and has made a full line of women’s clothing. Her line has been on Fashion Week of Rhode Island, Spring/Summer 2018.

In making dresses, Tatyana focuses on the details that makes her style be described as “Feminine on Modern Women.”