Zoe Grinfeld

Providence, RI

Zoe Grinfeld is a Senior at the Rhode Island School of Design studying Apparel Design. From a young age, Zoe was drawn to fashion. Stuck with no sewing machine, she turned to hot glue and a needle and thread to construct wearable garments out of whatever she could find; fabric or objects. She began planning the first of several charity fashion shows at the age of 11, showcasing garments made from unconventional materials like gum wrappers, doll heads, and red plastic cups.

Zoe spent high school studying costume design and theater production at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts. At 15, she competed on and won Lifetime’s teen design competition, Project Runway: Threads. Since then, Zoe has shown several collections in New York City, Hartford, and Providence. Her designs have been featured in publications such as Seventeen Magazine and Hartford Magazine, and her work has been shown in museums and galleries including the Wadsworth Atheneum, the Gelman Gallery, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Zoe aims to fight back against the monotony of ready to wear, pushing the boundaries of what we see as “wearable”. She strives to contribute loud and lively clothing into everyone’s day-to-day wardrobe. Zoe provides youthful and vibrant clothes to people from all backgrounds that share a love for play.