Brianna Moon

Providence, RI

“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it” -YSL

Brianna Moon’s love of fashion started at the age of two, cutting and tying bandanas to make dresses for her dolls. Childhood dreams from such a young age tend to dwindle or change but as she aged, her desire to design beautiful pieces only intensified.

Born in LA and raised in Cranston, RI she always wanted to make a statement. She found herself retreating to her room to read magazines, draw designs and scour MySpace for the coolest fashion and trends. It was those defining years which made her truly want to go forth with design as a career.

Brianna attended the University of Rhode Island and graduated with a BA in Art Studio and a BS in Textiles, Merchandise and Design. In college, she interned
for a summer in NYC at Harpers Bazaar in accessories where she became enamored with how accessories are constructed. The following summer she studied in Lyon, France receiving a Certificate in Fashion. After graduation, she knew she wanted to design her own brand. Makeup artist by day and designer by night, she showcased two collections for Style Week Providence in 2010.

She moved to NYC searching for the next big thing. She quickly found a job through instagram as a personal assistant for a runway set designer in Brooklyn. While she worked, she learned about construction of goods and how it translates to different fabrics and mediums. The job allowed Brianna to meet inspiring people and to go to places she only had dreamt about, NYFW at Bryant Park and the surrounding studios. It was a glamorous world filled with endless possibilities but she missed her family, especially her elderly grandmother. She moved on to a job working at a vintage inspired shop on the lower east side. Working as a stylist and seamstress, the job showed Brianna a different type of NYC; the revival of the past and the vintage lovers.

After living in NYC for two years she missed Providence and the potential her hometown had. She moved home and naturally fell into the jewelry industry. Starting in Product Development she learned quickly and was offered an Assistant Designer role. Designing for numerous small brands was overwhelming, exciting and euphoric. It was in this role she realized manipulation of jewelry parts was her passion. Taking apart discarded silhouettes to create new, beautiful pieces was invigorating. She knew when she would rebuild her brand within Rhode Island, it would be founded on sustainable production and a zero waste mindset.

She continued to grow this idea by creating her own jewelry brand, strengthening her local connections and traveling for inspiration. It was all of these life experiences that have intricately woven themselves together to build Brianna’s brand. An eco friendly brand that sells ready to wear and custom apparel and accessories handmade by Brianna. Most importantly, Brianna wants to give back to her community by empowering women, advocating for mental health and being honest and true. 5% of all proceeds are donated to Sojourner House.