Tallulah and Poppy

Providence, RI

A fresh take on classic textiles, Tallulah & Poppy is making a case for craftsmanship. Think clean lines and contemporary silhouettes in timeless tweed. These locally made, hand-crafted pieces are… well, special. There’s a pop of personality and attention to detail that you can’t help but notice right from the start. (And it makes you want to keep coming back for more.)

Founder, Meg starts each collection with “research” (A.K.A drawing inspiration from textiles, fabrics, colors, costumes, and history). Then, she creates a mood board to capture her vision. Meg takes her ideas and puts them on paper. Sketching, again, and again—until they’re just right. The final sketches are digitized into technical flats, which include technical information about the construction details of the garment. From there, the pattern and first fit sample are developed.

She walks outside her studio and takes about 10 steps. Here she meets with Assemble Lab, a sample and pattern developer. Once the patterns and samples are created, it’s time for the first fitting… and then a second… and maybe even a third. (Meg’s a perfectionist when it comes to making the garment look just right.)

Once the style is approved, the patterns are digitized, graded and then cut. Last (but certainly not least), Kim Beaulieu, the President of Manufacturing at Assemble Lab, oversees production and ensures that the garments you love and wear are impeccably sewn for a perfect fit.