Simone Simon

Boston, MA

Simone Simon was founded by a true Parisienne who landed in Boston. Simone Simon is a research studio that explores the interface between the human body and the outside world, redrawing the lines between fashion and architecture to create constructed garments using a range of new fabrication methods and performative materials.

We are not only proud but also working on the sustainability of our materials and means of production. Considering the process of how a raw fiber is turned into a textile, the working conditions of the people producing the materials and the material’s total carbon footprint. Being an ethical Fashion Brand is more than just an idea, it’s a fight for a better fashion. Our collections are made for a conscious woman of her time , who wants to wear : stylish & sustainable, ethical & chic clothes.

She who wears Simone Simon embodies the timeless chic Parisian spirit. She is elegant. She is free. She is confident. Simone Simon was designed in Paris & Boston for the true modern woman !