Gypset Girl

Providence, RI

Melissa Hillas is the Founder and Creative Director of GYPSETGIRL. Bitten by wanderlust at a young age, Melissa has traveled the globe embracing each new destination and culture. An entrepreneur since the age of 25, Melissa did not foresee becoming a designer in her future.

However, with the rise of her blogazine, the clothing and accessories she collected during her travels and the different textures and colors she stumbled upon, GYPSETGIRL as a clothing collection evolved organically.

The entire creative process and those who provide her with a different outlook on life influence Melissa. Living day by day, Melissa enjoys the unknown of the present day and believes in making decisions as it unfolds. When Melissa is not designing or gypsetting the world to the most unique and desirable locations, she enjoys surfing, skiing and spending time with her friends.