Cape Cod, MA

DEVINTO is an eco and ethically conscious label established in Montreal, Canada and relocated to Cape Cod, MA. It is designed and produced locally on Cape Cod using natural and eco friendly fabrics without compromising style. DEVINTO designs are equally focused on comfort, glamour, and fair principles during the creation and production process.

Aiste Zitnikaite is the label’s creator and designer. She was born in Lithuania when it was still part of the USSR where, because of necessity, most women made their own clothes and took care of them to make them last. That environment led Aiste to have a more personal approach to clothing even once she immigrated to Canada at the age of twelve. After her studies in Fashion Design at LaSalle College in Montreal, she went on to work for several Montreal based designers working as a seamstress, sample maker and pattern maker.

While working in the industry, it was apparent that most apparel companies in Montreal were outsourcing production overseas and losing the connection to the hands on approach to production that was really important to Aiste. She decided to strike out on her own and to do it differently. Aiste’s mission was to build back the type of personal connection we should have to our clothes that she had growing up in Lithuania – a part of a healthier, more sustainable and ethical alternative to fast, “disposable” fashion.

Aiste’s goal for DEVINTO is designing another option to the more common eco fashion aesthetic – a more modern yet classic and timeless look that can be both cutting edge and casual.