Clothes Horse Clothing

Providence, RI

My name is Bianca, and I started Clothes Horse Clothing shortly after starting college in 2009. Clothes Horse began as an accessory company, producing recycled hair accessories and craft-style runway headdresses. As my passion for design exploded and my construction and pattern making skills caught up, my interests shifted to clothing. Over the last several years, Clothes Horse has blossomed into the independent, ALWAYS made by hand, one of a kind, small batch, vegan brand that I am so proud to maintain today.

We’re not re-inventing the wheel, we’re just improving it. Clothes Horse Clothing produces wardrobe essentials- versatile, multi season pieces that you can mix and match, dress up, dress down, wear to work or out with the girls. Our garments are made from 100% Cotton, un-constructed, and inspired by classic vintage forms and styles. We believe that style should not be compromised by comfort, but rather work hand in hand together as one. Our garments make a woman feel comfortable, and therefore confident. Simplified forms are made intriguing with fun unique prints, and hand sewn additions. Handmade garments and accessories produced one at a time by hand in our Rhode Island studio.

With a concentration on ethical and environmentally conscious construction, Clothes Horse Clothing sources materials from independent designers, textile recycling programs, vintage shops and US based textile companies. Clothes Horse is a cruelty free company. We pledge to never use animal products- fur, leather, feathers, gelatin based finishes or otherwise animal sourced products.

Clothes Horse is for the girl on the go. Our muse has a day job and a day dream. She’s quirky, adventurous, intelligent, independent, creative and driven. She has a natural sense for style and impeccable taste.

Additionally, Clothes Horse was born out of the challenges posed by contemporary clothing production. We are making a conscious effort not to produce waste as a result of our garment production. We use our scrap fabric to produce one of a kind hair accessories as well as recyclables from various local recycling centers and second hand stores. We always utilize remaining scrap fabric for tags, works of fine art, and our infamous couture work.