StyleWeek is produced primarily through sponsorships, and we continue to grow our brand partnerships as StyleWeek Northeast expands in size and events. We provide an avenue for businesses, whether corporate, small business, or consumer services, to showcase, promote and drive sales for products and services through co-branding with StyleWeek Northeast.

Benefits of Sponsorship…

  • Largest regional promotional platform for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and luxury, as well as diverse demographic, a perfect avenue for lead generation, increases in sales/services and brand awareness
  • Partnered with an exclusive brand, well known throughout the Northeast, especially in New England, supporting the community and contributing to its economic development
  • Wide exposure in print, digital, television and radio media throughout the year, as well as increased exposure during events through onsite promotion, interaction and media coverage
  • Opportunity to meet key customers and solidify business relationships, increasing sales, and enhancing business, consumer and VIP relations
  • Logo/product/services represented onsite at events as well as through digital media, photography, video, invites, step and repeat and more

Contact Rosanna Ortiz ( for event and annual sponsorship inquiries.

“Cox is a proud to be a partner of StyleWeek Northeast. It has been a perfect forum for us to showcase our high end products like Contour and CHSI. The icing on the cake – the StyleWeek team is wonderful to work with.”

– Kristin Walker, Sponsorship & Events Manager, Cox Communications

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