Victory Barnard

Victory Barnard lives in Providence RI with her parents Ting & Ian Barnard. Victory is nine-years-old and attends Lincoln School. She is currently in the Fourth Grade. Victory loves music and has been playing the piano since she was 7 and also enjoys singing and dancing probably since birth or perhaps even earlier in her mommy’s belly!

She is inspired by the natural beauty of the world around her that enables her to be more creative and musical every second. Vonchai means “Sweetheart” in Thai. Victory believes kindness and compassion are important characteristics, so she devotes some of her time to community service and often thinks of thoughtful ways of giving back to others and the Earth.

Friendship, Maine is the true source of much of her inspiration. Victory feels free, happy and peaceful when she is in Friendship, Maine. Friendship, Maine. The inspiration. The feeling. The connection.

“When I dip my toes in the ocean, I feel as though I am connected to all of the oceans, the ponds, the lakes, the rivers…all of them. I’m like a tree with roots that reach all the way to the heart of the earth. I’m connected. Every time I swim, pick up a hermit crab, paddleboard, sit up on the bow of Miss Victory, I’m connected. When I see a bald eagle swoop down to its nest, I imagine what it would be like to glide through the air with ease. These days we spend so much time on devices, we forget to observe the world around us…it’s magical! Nature is incredible, so we should take every opportunity to enjoy what it has to offer…and it’s a lot!”

The Magical Elements Inspired by Friendship, Maine in Collaboration with Tong Collection. Victory’s collection is a beautiful collaboration with her Mom, Ting Barnard’s 2012 StyleWeek Collection, Tong Collection. The FIVE garments incorporate Southeast Asian influence of Tong and highlight themes in Nature: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire & Mother Nature (Mother Tong).





Allegra Catanese

Allegra Catanese, age 8, is a third grade student at Garvin Elementary in Cumberland, Rhode Island. Inspired by the costume designers at her ballet school, Allegra discovered her passion for design and sewing at age four and began formal lessons at age five. She enjoys working with knits, faux fur, and sequins and has created everything from dance and swimwear to outerwear and special occasion dresses. Allegra loves to experience life fully and finds inspiration in travel, museums, and people watching. When the opportunity to participate in SEEDlings presented itself, she said “Mom, I’ve wanted to do that since before I was born!”




Clare Gloster

Clare Gloster is a 10 year old designer working out of her mom’s studio in Barrington RI.  Clare always loved picking out her clothing as a child, but fell in love with designing at the age of 7.  In addition to creating her own designs, Clare loves vintage clothing and finds inspiration in designs from the 1920’s-1940’s. In addition to design, Clare is an aspiring cook and would love to pursue a career in design and culinary arts.




Ella Sinel

Ella Ruth Sinel is a funny, brilliant, and creative 10 year old who attends the Jewish Community Day School of Rhode Island in Providence, Rhode Island. She has 2 brothers, Sidney and Talon, a yellow lab named Betty, a cat named Mackenzie and a fish named Sam. In her family and community, she is challenged to see how she can help others by engaging in random acts of kindness. She is inquisitive and is always questioning how the world works and is finding her way on how to fit into it. Some of her quest is done through her ability to express herself through her unique and colorful fashion sense. 

“I love being inspired by people and what they choose to wear. There are people who dress modestly and people who dress more modern. I look at how they put their outfits together and create my own fashion vision which you will see in my collection. My collection speaks to all generations because who doesn’t love candy? It can be worn by everyone and will make the person wearing my line feel happy and delicious.”