Willa Summers

My name is Willa Summers, I am 17, and a senior at Lincoln, and I love art. I have grown up in Providence, Rhode Island in a purple house on the East Side with my younger brother and sister and amazing parents. Every summer, my family spends a month in Northern Canada on Lake Wah Wash Kesh swimming, kayaking, canoeing, camping, and exploring the woods. I love it and miss it every day we aren’t there, but being home means I get to do my art! Art is by far my favorite subject, and I am an Art Major this year. This means I have eight classes of art a week, and spend every free in art. I really enjoy math and science, specifically biology. This past summer, I spent a month with my uncle, who is a Marine Biologist, studying and working with fish. His goal is to CAT scan every fish in the world, and I helped him wrap the fish to be scanned, scan, and upload the fish data onto a public database. It was an amazing experience and I plan to go back in the near future.


Maeve McEnroe

My name is Maeve McEnroe and I’m a junior art major at Lincoln School. Although it might be obvious, art has always been my favorite class. However I’m not just interested in the type of art we learn about in class. My other passion is for filmmaking. I haven’t made my own movie yet but I have compiled lists of classic and newer movies that have inspired me to pursue some form of degree in filmmaking. Some of my favorites are “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “Labyrinth”, and “Some like it Hot”. “Labyrinth” is actually the movie where I found my favorite musical artist David Bowie. It’s also my second favorite movie soundtrack with my first being the new release called “Sing Street”. If no one can tell I’m a huge movie buff. One of my dreams is to adapt one of my favorite book series “Deltora Quest” to the big screen. Mostly because the artwork in the book is some of the most beautiful and intricate I’ve ever seen and to create a real life version would be a challenge that I would work day and night to accomplish. But for now I’m just going to focus on school. I’ll have to get several more years of art under my belt before I’ll be ready to tackle something so huge but thats why I love art, the challenge of it.


Brigitte Lynch Johnson

My name is Brigitte Lynch Johnson, I am 14 years old, and in the 9th grade. I have faded purple hair, but it has changed colours multiple times. I basically only wear jeans, a t shirt, and boots, sometimes a jacket.  I consider myself a fantastic nerd because I read A LOT, but I also play video games, and I actually really LIKE school. If you asked one of my friends, they would say I am very loud. If you ask me I’m shy and introverted, at least to new people. I spend my weekends inside the house doing things I love and the weeks at school doing the same things. I have stage fright, I hate spiders, and I love the dark. I love physics and computer science. My favorite author is Leigh Bardugo or Sarah J. Maas. (I could never choose a favourite book.) I like sci-fi fantasy, sci-fi, and fantasy. I don’t typically like parties or social gatherings. My favourite season is winter, my least favourite season is summer or spring. I don’t really have a hobby, but if I did it would be making something, like knitting. I don’t get enough vitamin D, but occasionally I open a window. The first time I tried writing this, I instead wrote a short story about dragons. I procrastinate, do homework for fun (at least the math), and occasionally I doodle. I play StarCraft, Overwatch, Destiny (1 and 2), Assassin’s Creed (all of them), Forza, and sometimes Titanfall.  I sometimes make people laugh, and that’s the only way I know how to interact with people. If I am reading or have headphones on, do not approach me, because I will get lost in my music or my book and I am happy there. I am unique, and I know it. Thank you for having the patience to read this.