I am a designer with a passion for tailoring and warping the conventions of tradition. Attracted to the opulence and eroticism of the liberated 1920’s Berlin, I created my graduate collection (University of Westminster, 2017), with an infusion of dark, gothic elements with a luxurious, desirable fantasy. Through out my time at University I managed to obtain some prestigious achievements such as being one of the 2017 recipients of the British Fashion Council BA Scholarship and also the winner of the Coach X British Fashion Council design competition 2017. The support from the British Fashion Council has made it possible for me to fully explore my creativity and grow as both a designer and a person. It made me super proud to be British and to be studying in a country with so much support for young designers.

My name sake brand is based on luxury, rock star wear. I am calling all boys, girls and all sorts in-between to submerge themselves into my universe. Indulge in part of the glamour and hedonism. Be more punk…. be informed… be political, stand for something! My brand intends to bring tailoring back towards a younger audience, all whilst translating messages of positivity and hope for the future… being the change that I want to see, not only in fashion, but the world. As a long life Vegetarian and humanitarian I believe its my fundamental vocation to positively strive to achieve a better world, thus my medium being fashion. My clothing is all British made and it is important for me to keep strong brand values whilst growing my business. I am committed to creating, beautifully made, ethically produced, desirable clothes that are inclusive to every age, gender and body!