Alexander Michael Snyder, creative director, has spent the past sixteen years focusing on learning, experiencing and truly appreciating the multiple facets of the fashion industry. Retaining a vast knowledge of the industry, with regard to business and design, his creative process has the perfect balance of awareness between anticipated customer needs and up-and-coming industry trends. From tutoring fashion students, consulting for fellow designers, to managing his own business, Alex has been allowed the unique opportunity to build professional relationships with individuals of all backgrounds. Contributing to his growing success is the respect and admiration he has for the industry leaders that guide, educate, and that motivate him to stay driven. In 2009, the first full collection from Alexander Michael Snyder was introduced during New York fashion week, in which his company acquired a tremendous amount of exposure and a very positive response. always looking for new challenges, Alex decided to re-locate to San Francisco in 2012 to pursue the completion of his master’s of fine arts degree in fashion design. Being intrigued by the city’s diverse culture and high involvement of technology has made him eager to be involved with the local fashion and manufacturing community.

Alex is also the creative director and C.E.O. of the D.N.A Group LLC. The D.N.A. group is a creative development, manufacturing, and brand management firm based in the dogpatch district of San Francisco that helps designers of all levels establish a presence within the industry. The goal of the company is to provide a platform where these designers, either emerging or established, can have access to services, craftsmen and other additional talents, which will help them launch a fully realized collection.