Jeffrey Dickerson in a Providence born designer. Creating has always been natural to Jeffrey, from his imagination to everything he has brought to life. Unlike normal designers, he didn’t start this career due to his love for fashion but for his love for construction. Inventing and being able to understand how something is put to together or figuring it out step by step is what Jeffrey found interesting and exciting. He studied business management for the first year of college before deciding that it could not feed his creative side. He then considered The School of Fashion Design Boston and it had changed his life. Studying at the school from 2011-2015, he designed his first collection in 2014 as a part of “The Launch”; a program designed by the founder of Boston Fashion Week to allow select students to have a platform to design and showcase their first collection. After receiving his diploma from The School of Fashion Design, Jeffrey interned with different local Boston designers and studied under them to build his skill. He began designing for a boutique in downtown Providence, participating in his first fashion post-school fashion show with Styleweek and acquired a job with a startup customizable clothing company, Alice Walk, in the late spring of 2016. His design concept is to create garments to fit the self-empowered individual. Tackling different styles in each collection while also trying to push the provocative envelope and infuse each piece of work with artistic energy. He considers himself an adventurous designer that empowers the individual through fashion.

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